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I was watching the Travel Channel tonight and the WPT finals were on, so I watched the final table. I'm recognizeing some fo the more frequent players now, so it's kind of fun to watch because you get a feel for how certain players will play each hand and get to knwo when they're going to call before they actually do. But the amazing thing was this 23 year old kid from UW who actually won it all. First place of something like 1.5 million. And when the tournament started 5 days ago, he didn't have the cash to play, so his father spotted him the $1000 entry fee provided that he agree to split any winnings 50/50. First off, that's awesome. Second, he's the youngest player to ever win a WPT championship. Guess school is paid for now... So between this kid (John Stolzmann) and Josh Beckett winning the World Series in 2003, these other young kinds are making me look like a chump. And then Alex Smith getting picked up in the draft for millions of dollars, and he's 23. Whatever. These kids are the exception, not the rule. As long as I keep that in mind, I think I'm actually doing pretty well for being 24. I forsee a promotion withint the next year, and I should be in a position to buy an actual house (not a condo/townhouse) within 2-3 years with no problem. Take that everyone else! I think I'm beginning to get kind of incoherent now, so I'm just going to go to bed before I say something even dumber.

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