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It was nice to visit with Kristin for a little while last night. She came by to drop off her ailing computer in the hopes that maybe I could fix it. It sounds like a BIOS problem, like maybe it needs to be reset, but I'll see when I get in there. It'll be nice to have a project for next week (that and my newest Simpsons puzzle) since Emily will be in Philly for work. I'm kind of bummed about that because I haven't seen her much since she started working. But on the flip side, I'm really happy that she likes her job, and at least I'll get to spend time with her almost every weekend and a coupel other nights here and there instead of the one weekend every 5-6 weeks that it has been over the past year. So in the end it's all worked out pretty awesome I think. So our schedules don't mesh very well during the week, I can't say I didn't anticipate that would probably happen. I'm just glad she's found a job she enjoys with fun people and in an atmosphere where she feels appreciated and is rapidly advancing. =)

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