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Weekend recap: Saturday Emily and I recooperated after my hell week at Lockheed and her 10 hour interview at Venture (which turned into a job, so yay!). We ran a couple errands and had some delicious burgers for dinner and watched a movie. Sunday we got up early, went to Target, rented a truck, carried stuff up from Bobby's basement, swapped beds at my apartment, and then helped this other girl move out beore moving Emily in, returned the truck, went back to Target, went to dinner with my parents, ran into Tiffany Lipp at Macaroni Grill (the girl who used to live across the street from us in Mantua, I was friends with her older brother), took the rest of Emily's things to her new apartment, watched the taped Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad, made my new queen bed, and finally just collapsed. Today I am suffering from lack of energy. I wonder why? But Emily's got a good setup, I got a bigger bed, and so far everything seems to be moving along swimmingly.

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