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Latham is running a demo today and so I had to come in early (for me) to make sure everything was setup. I went down to the lab a few minutes ago to find Greg and bug him about getting me some bay time with a TB23 system and all the lights in the lab were out, so I was flipping them on so the SUBLANT guys wouldn't be getting a demo in the dark when Latham came in to make sure the bay was up and everything. I told him everything was good to go and if anything went wrong during the demo to just give me a holler. So then he starts talking about how the Navy guys that were here the other day really liked the training materials I put together and that they were "really jazzed about what you did." Holy crap! I know one of the guys that was here last week was a Captain... Today must be some sort of crazy backwards day. Latham complements me on two separate things today, I get into work by 8:30, and the Navy is "jazzed" by my work. Now I just need Ken Landers to come by and tell me that I just got a bonus worth 6 month's pay. Then I'll know for sure I'm still snuggled up in bed and dreaming...

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