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After our southern dinner on Friday Emily and I collapsed (after I almost ran over 15 people near Celebrate Fairfax). Saturday we went out to Lake Fairfax Park in Herndon for an IEEE picnic. I met a few other fellow IEEE nerds in the area, and Emily learned that engineers can be fun too sometimes. Then it was off to Dan and Sara's wedding reception. They actually got married back in December in Florence at a small family-only function and then had a huge party this weekend for everyone who couldn't make it to the actual wedding. Dan and I go way way back. And although we've never been the best or closest of friends, we've known each other for a long long time and have a lot of history. So it was fun to see him again and to see how happy he is with Sara. It was also fun to see his younger brother Chris again and I ran into a few peopel I knew way back when too. The Goldsmiths were there, and small world that Fairfax can apparently be, Brian is actually dating Melissa Adams now. She's apparently working on her Master's degree now, so I'm glad she finally got her life back on track. She and Geo are probably the only people I've lost touch with that I wish I could have stayed in better contact with. *shrug* Oh well. I'm bad at that sort of thing. Mrs. Small was also there apaprently, but by the tiem I realized that who it was, she had already left. So I'm kind fo sad I didn't have a chance to reconnect with my 6th grade teacher. She looks way different without glasses... Today I just could not drag myself out of bed. Normally it's 10 am and I'm wideawake. But I was totally tapped out. Emily thinks it might b=jsut be that we ate so much food yesterday. (Oh my god, the Dehanases had the best food...) I am conjecturing that it's due the vast amount of sociability I engaged in. I know that social events where I don't know many people drain me the way an LCD screen crushes digital camera batteries, but I'm proud of myself that I tried to introduce myself to some new people and go out of my way to be social yesterday. This morning Emily and I had cinnamon rolls and then Tommy and Steph came over and watched In Good Company together. Topher Grace cracks me up. I'm sad he left That 70's Show. I'm even sadder that they're going to try to continue the show without him. It's going to suck now and I don't think I can watch it anymore. Then we went over to Laura and Greg's for some yummy fajitas and just to hang out. And now I'm totally bushed. I need another weekend to recover from this one... Maybe this week will be kind of slow at work.

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