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I think everyone had a good time at Chris and Tyne's baby shower last night. It is a teensy bit unsettling to only be 24 and going to a baby shower for someone I've known since 3rd grade. But on the other hand, it was nice for the whole group of us to be able to sit around together and have fun just like we used to. They haven't picked names yet (they don't know if it's a boy or girl). I pushed Hrothgar as hard as I could, but Tyne wouldn't buy it. Keeping the Beowulf theme, maybe Grendel if it's a girl. I personally think that has a nice ring to it, Grendel Meyer. Chris suggested Henrietta, since it could go either way. Oh well. I'm sure whatever name they choose in a couple weeks will be vastly superior to anything that was suggested last night. Congrats to both of them. =)

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