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I'm still tired, even though I slept until almonst noon both Saturday and Sunday. Oh well. Friday night Emily and I made a Target run after dinner and just relaxed and played with our chinchillas. Saturday we went to Kristin and Rich's housewarming party. We stayed a couple hours, but unfortunately not quite long enough for Erin Leeth to show up. Bummer. But Alcivar showed up about the time we were leaving, so we said "hello, goodbye" and we off to a couple furniture stores. Since I got my hiring bonus for getting Craig a job here, I've decided I want a new couch. Preferably reclining and leather. We hit a few more furniture stores on Sunday, and I finally did find one that I'm pretty happy with that's even on sale right now, so I'm probably going to head back there and work out the paperwork sometime this week. It's not leather, but it does look and feel like leather, it does recline, and it will replace my fouton and POS recliner that I have now. We cleaned out Zoey and Sonja's cage, which they don't really seem to appreciate, but it needed to be done. Zoey decided to go for broke last night and managed to get up on top of the table 3 times (and had probably a dozen failed attempts). Even Sonja made a couple attemps to get up there, but she's much easier to discourage than little miss troublemaker. I think they've realized that's where we keep their treats. But on the whole, they were pretty well behaved while we ransacked their home. They are a handful sometimes, but they're so cute and fun to watch that I think it more than makes up for it.

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