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So yesterday the mailboxes were all open. Not each individual door, but the entire mailbox unit. Good work mailman. I didn't have any mail in my box, but I saw a few other people did, so I assumed that no one had stolen my mail from my open box and went abotu my merry way. This morning, leaving for work, I noticed a discover bill crammed into the stair well. I thought this was odd, and when I bent down to have a look see, I notced a huge pile of mail stuffed into the fire department water valve area. Sure enough, I started flipping through it, and it was in perfect order, apartments A through L. My water bill and a piece of junk mail from Strayer happened to be in there. I noticed several other water bills and a half dozen credit card bills in the process. Because all the mail was in perfect order still, I can only assume that this means my mailman was lazy. Instead of putting our mail in our boxes like his job (and the law) requires him to, he just stuffed it into a cubby on the second floor and went on his merry way. I took the remaining envelopes and put them all on top of the mailboxes downstairs and left for work. I'm not sure how to proceed from here though. Who do I call to yell at? I suppose his supervisor at the post office would be a good start. The way I see it, it's 100% the mail man's fault. He's supposed to be the only one with a key to the main mail box. So either he didn't lock it when he was done and someone else stole our mail. Or he didn't lock it after he was done stealing our mail. Last time I checked, tampering with the mail was a federal offense, and whether he took it or not, he's an accessory for failure to lock up the mail boxes. Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will keep the postman from getting chewed out by me.

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