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This weekend was pretty nice. We had originally planned to go to Hershey, but decided to push it off to next week since we're scrapping the beach (it's too expensive). Instead we ran a few errands and were generally pretty lazy most of the weekend. We had a dinner party at Alcivar's parents' place on Saturday which was nice. I haven't seen Olen in forever (probably Christmas-time) and I haven't seen Jenn or Caryn I don't think since Emily's spring break. In any case, we had a good time and no one died of food poisoning, so congrats to Jenn.
On the homefront, after traumatically dragging Emily to Home Depot with me last week, I finally got gates built so we could let our chinchillas out of the cage and let them roam around the dining room. They are fast when they want to be. Something startled Sonja when she was munching some hay under the cage and all I saw was this grey streak coming straight at me. They seem to love the table and chairs; it's like a giant jungle gym for them to play on. We don't let them get on top of the table though. We're kind of concerned about the possibility for injury and/or escape from up there. Despite the "no table top" rule, Zoey seems insistent on trying to get up there anyway. I think she knows there's a higher vantage point than where we'll let her go, and so of course she wants to go there. She even tried climbing up the side of the cage to get on top of it on Saturday. She's going to be quite a handful. But they are quite playful creatures and if you sit on the floor with them long enough they'll start hopping up on your lap. Zoey even climbed up onto my shoulder a couple times and then made a daring leap on top of my head. They still won't let us pet them really, but I think that may be only another couple days away. The other night Zoey hogged the bath, which I felt bad about for Sonja, but I think it's just payback for Sonja hogging the igloo. This morning though, they were both asleep in the igloo when I got up, so I hope that trend continues and they can share better in the future. They do look really sad though when I go to bed or leave for work. They hop up to the top level of their cage and just stare at me when I close the bedroom door or the front door. I alwasy feel bad now for having to leave them, but at least they seem excited when I come home. It's nice to have pets who acknowledge my existence again.

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