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Emily and I went down to the PW County Animal Shelter tonight in search of a chinchilla that we foudn on petfinder. We had hoped to reach them by phone for confirmation that he was still there, but no one ever answered despite having at least 4 people working there when we showed up. So a long trek down past *shudder* Manassas turned up nothing because someone else had already picked him up. Although, I'm happy he got adopted, I actually kinda had my heart set on him, and I know Emily did too. We could have saved ourselves a lot of frustration and anticipation if someone there ever picked up a phone. I'm sure it's a demanding job, but I don't think it's too much to ask to answer a phone. Really. They did have these two adorable puppies though that looked at least part german shepherd. One was dreaming while we were there and he was kicking at the air and licking his lips and barking a little. He was so cute. I wish I had a house and a yard cause he would have been going home with me tonight if I did. *sigh* Until then, I guess we'll keep looking for some other small, cute, fuzzy animals to adopt.

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