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Weekend recap:
Friday night we celebrated Emily's first paycheck with dinner at California Tortilla. Then we picked up National Treasure at Blockbuster where I finally signed up for a new card. I decided to just turn my brain off and enjoy the movie, which worked out pretty well. It was a fun movie, albeit an Indiana Jones-clone (right down to the scene where he's holding the girl in one hand over a cliff and trying to reach the treasured historical artifact with the other). His sidekick cracked me up though, so in the end it was all good. My dad reccomended Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He went to go see it yesterday with Ben for Father's Day. A bunch of other people have said it's good too, but I really just have no desire to see it whatsoever. *shrug*
Saturday Emily and I went up to Baltimore. We hung around the Inner Harbor and went to the Aquarium. Finding Nemo has got to be one of my most hated movies of all time now. I swear to god if I hear one more kid screaming "I found NEMO!!!!" at the top of their lungs over and over and over again, I'm going to just collapse on the floor and start having convulsions... The aquarium was fun, but it would have been way better to go on a weekday when there wouldn't be so many freaking little kids everywhere running into me and screaming in my ear. I wish children would learn sooner to express their excitement by changes in intonation instead of volume. My kids will never leave the house without a ballgag. Anyway, we had some tasty crab cakes and fish filet for lunch and did a little browsing at a few stores and Emily did a little purchasing at VS. Then it was off to Camden Yards! We had first row seats in the upper deck just a smidgen to the right of home plate. I thought they were fantastic seats for $20. The O's were taking on the Rockies and after the first few innings of not much going on, the O's caught fire. It's really not much surprise that they're in first place right now with the way they played. We got to see Tejada hit a solo homer in the 4th immediiately followed by Sammy Sosa's solo home run to tie with McGuire's record. We even got to see Rafael "Dinosaur" Palmeiro running his butt off to beat a throw to first. Then, while we waited for traffic to think out, we headed back to the Inner Harbor for some dessert at Cheescake Factory. It took almost 45 minutes to get it even at the take-out counter, so traffic avoidance mission accomplished, but it was rather frustrating to see such a poorly organized and managed storefront. Fortunately we had fantastic weather for the day too. Sunny but not hot and with a nice breeze coming off the water. All in all a pretty awesome day.
Sunday we had some errands to run. I picked up my HD-DVR from Cox, investigated a new cell phone for Emily which we have to go back for tonight, tried to get discount King's Dominion tickets at Giant (not much of a discount), fixed my turn signals (stupid burned out bulbs with non-broken filaments threw me off for the longest time), and finally picked up some new fish at PetCo. We shored up our blue neon tetra numbers and also got some sunset flame platys or something along those lines. Then we just relaxed and watched some sunday night cartoons and polished off some leftovers. We were supposed to go over to my grandmother's for dinner, but she wasn't feeling well, so we agreed to do it another time.
I think we both had a pretty fun weekend. =)

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