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Two things about TV. One - HD is awesome. I got my HD-DVR yesterday with the minimal amount of hassle from Cox and holy crap does it look awesome. Two - TV is evil. Since I now have an extra digital converter, I figured I'd set up my old TV in my bedroom. This is a horrible plan. Especially when As Good As It Gets comes on at 1 am... My only complaint about HD so far (and I think this is my fault), is that some channels occasionally drop out for a split second and then come back. On the replay via DVR it never drops out, but does get garbled at teh same point. Has anyone else had this problem? I strongly suspect this to be a bandwidth issue with the cable I'm using from the wall to my cable box being too crappy. I'm going to try a better cable tonight and see if that fixes the problem. Otherwise I'll have to call Cox and have them come look at it. *shudder* I knew this whole thing was too easy...

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