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Ben's graduation was fun. Wet, but fun. We drove up on Saturday, and made great time while racing storms the whole way. Went to the cemetary that evening to visit Uncle Bill and Uncle Jim. Graduation was on Sunday, which seemed strange to me, but whatever. They decided to have it outdoors despite the imminent rain. It was dripping when we arrived, but not enough to deter anyone. Of course, as soon as a the procession started, so did the downpour. The honorary degree awardee talked too long about several things which weren't relevant to a college graduation, but no one was really listening as they huddled under umbrellas. After they announced Ben's name, we bolted for cover in a nearby building with a roaring fire. By the time the ceremony ended 2 hours later, the rain was tapering off and the sun was coming out... Too bad graduation was starting at noon! But we met some of Ben's proffesors and they headed up to Chris and Libby's for the outdoor party that lasted for the few good hours of sunshine. All in all a good time. Ben and my parents leave tomorrow for Alaska as his graduation present, so they should enjoy that. Emily and I came home yesterday through a good bit of rain and then a couple hours of sunshine, and them some more rain. Zoey was quite antsy to be let out when we walked in the door, but otherwise the girls seemed to have fared just fine on their own for the weekend. That about it. I've got some pictures that I'll post tonight. I had to come in to work early this morning, which makes 3 of the last 4 days I've been up before 7:30 (how awful, right?), but it's alright because it means I'll be able to make up some of the time that I took off yesterday. Hopefully this will be a pretty short week, although I have to decide by Sunday whether I'm staying at Jefferson or finding a new apartment. It's wicked gay that I got 10 days notice of my new lease amounts should I renew, but they ask for 60 days notice if I decide to vacate. Where's the justice in that? *sigh* So I've got some work to do in looking for a new place this week so at least I have some comparison. But for right now, I've got some real work to get caught up on.

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