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Here is a picture of our "french" bread. It was actually some leftover Italian garlic bread that we froze last week, but for Bastille day, it donned a beret.

And this is Emily with a blue crab made from various bits and pieces of broken blue things. I'm not sure this was teh safest of class projects for 5th graders, but it certainly looks cool. This was actually from our last trip to Baltimore, but I don't think I ever posted it, and now all the various crabs have gone missing.

And here's a couple pictures from Westminster Hall and the accompanying cemetary.

Here's Male Grammar School No. 1

The Hippodrome (performing arts center):

The Bromo Seltzer clock tower which is now the Baltimore Arts something or other. I can only assume it is an art gallery inside.

And heres a few from teh Orioles game. We were sitting just to the first base side of home plate, about halfway up in the upper deck, so I think these came out pretty well for being that far away from the action and for trying to take them over the fattest, most-ADD, spastic super-fan I've ever seen.

And finally, our view from the pier as we ate our Chocolate Oreo Mudslide Cheesecake.

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