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It's been a busy past week! We moved our lab and office downstairs finally. Everything is mostly setup now and it's not quite as thrown together as it once was. 5 years of cableing and decableing things tends to create quite a rats nest of wires. In any case, I have a swanky new window office (which is meant for 3 people) all to myself. It's going to be sad when we hire someone new and I have to share again. Other than moving, work was just super busy last week. Lots of things needing to get done by certain deadlines and not very much time to do them. We celebrated Bastille Day on Friday with a roasted chicken, "french" bread, and salad topped with apples, raspberries, and warm brie. It was pretty yummy. Then there was chocolate mouse and some other chocolate cakey thing for dessert. Thanks Wegmans! Especially since I didn't have to go there. ;) We didn't eat until super late, but it was like having a long spread out 3 course meal, so it's all good.
Saturday it was off to Baltimore! We ran into construction traffic around the Legion bridge which delayed us about 30 minutes, but wasn't all that bad, especially since Emily was driving instead of me. Nothing sucks more than stop-and-go with a manual tranmission. At any rated, we arrived at the Inner Harbor and met up with Ruff for lunch at Phillips seafood. He lives just outside the city now and seems to be doing well, though we don't think he's changed at all in 2.5 years, except for getting his ears pierced last month for some unknown reason. It was good to see him again and find out what he's been up to though. Then it was off to see Westminster Hall and Poe's gravesite. The church is pretty cool because it's built on stilts over a pre-existing graveyard. So I had in mind this tiny little thing, but it's actually a pretty massive brick structure. Apart from teh numerous graves external to the church, there are hundreds you can only get to by going inside and then down into teh catacombs, btu teh church was locked, so no dice on that one. We also wanted to go see Poe's house, but it was just too far a walk in the blistering heat (I didn't get burned though! Yay for SPF 30!), so we swung by the Hippodrome and the Lexington Market, where you can get any food you could possibly want and be made to feel very much out of place if you're not black. There was a guy outside trying to play his sax, but he looked like he just didn't have any energy in the heat. Then, at last, it was on to the Orioles game! It started off with an O's run in first on an outifeld error, then a 1-5-1 run combo in the middle innings to put the O's on top with no hope for the Rangers. They ran out of sausage dogs, but Emily was very nice to let me have one while she ate a regular hot dog. I offered to split mine and we could each have half of each, but no dice. We've still got two beer brats in the freezer if we really need another fix sometime soon. After the game we had our traditional cheesecake on the pier and then headed home.
Sunday we were very lazy. Watched some TV (me Formula 1 and Emily Project Runway) and tried to recover from the previous day a little bit. Eventually, we headed down to Adam's Morgan to meet up with Kayre and Jake who were in town for the weekend and had an early dinner at a sushi place. Not such a fan of raw fish myself, I opted for chicken teriyaki which was super good and I think required abotu 6 chickens to make the portion they brought me. I ate almost all of it though. Which brings me to my next point. Emily has decided go start working out again, and I'm going to do my best to join her. I really need someone besides myself to make me keep up a routine. I'm not in it to lose weight or get in shape or whatever (though are just byproducts), mostly I'm in it because it's healthy and really the only way I get any exercise anymore. So we'll see how that goes for the next month or so. We were doing really well when Emily first moved up here, so maybe we can get back in the habit again. I'm also trying to break my habit of having a snack before bed. I know I shouldn't do it, and I don't really need it, but I do it anyway. So starting today, I'm going to try to break a few bad habits and start a few good habits. Right after I get back from my lunch at Wendy's. ;)
Pictures from the weekend to come this evening hopefully.

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