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I read something recently which cited automotive sales records. I wish I could find this document to link, but for the moment, take my word that I didn't conjure these statistics out of thin air merely for your amusement. Apparently, in the first half of 2006, Toyota has sold more of its Prius model than Mercedes or Cadillac have sold cars. I'm sure that has a lot to do with the fact that Toyota outsells both companies on a regular basis anyway. But to sell more hybrids than they have cars is interesting. Some will say this indicates the public's acceptance of the hybrid concept. I disagree. I think it is a direct correlation to the rise in gas prices. What people have failed to consider is that maintenance on a hybrid is going to be expensive down the road and that it's goign to take many years for the gas savings to actually add up to a substantial number. Sure, the Prius starts at about $22K, 10 grand less than the cheapest brand new Benz, but it's still the most expensive Totya sedan offering outside of the flagship Avalon. *shrug* Seems like a big investment in an unproven (in the long-term) technology to me. But since when do consumers, especially Americans, think long term? ;) Sure, I can afford a $650K house, and a $25K car on my $95k a year income. "Just open up another line of high-interst credit my good man." Don't worry, by the time you're hauled off to debtor's prison, the next-generation hybrid vehicles will be available and the squad car you get transported in will get 250 mpg. Wow, that post sure changed directions quickly...

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