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It' been a good past couple of days. Friday at work was kind of irritating, but I got a lot done, so I'm happy about that. I had fun at the RAND holiday party. All of Emily's work friends got to see that I actually exist (despite popular belief). The Metro ride over was unventful, and after almost accidentally walking into the mall instead of the office, I found Emily and had some snacks and so forth. Emily won a very cool looking creme-puff tree in the raffle which I helped disasemble and put in tupperware for her to share with her co-workers on Monday. Then we went ice skating. And by we I mean not me. I wussed out. But Emily and several other people skated for quite some time. I had fun sitting on a bench and talking to her friends who all wanted the full scoop about us and then watching a bunch of kids all at that age where the girls have all starting maturing and none of the boys have, so they're a foot shorter than the girls. I remember those good times. You know if by good you mean horrible awkward and permanently scarring. Anyway, Saturday I cleaned house and started wrapping some presents. Then it was off to my holiday party. There were a ton of people there from offices all over the area, so of course I hardly knew anyone. But we had a good time for the most part. And I won Bose sounddock and a brand new ipod in our door prize drawing. Yay! It's a 30g black video ipod. Since I already have the exact same thing except with my name engraved in it, if anyone else wants this one (it's even still in shrink wrap), shoot me an email. I think the going price is about $250, so if I like you, maybe you can have it for $200. And if you don't have my email address, I'm probably not going to sell it to you anyway. ;)

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