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Tom O'Brien going to NC State feels like a bad move to me. I think in the end, it's a good move for him as a coach. I know he's been frustrated with the situation in Chestnut Hill, but BC has been so close to making a breakthrough. I think they've been treated as a pariah however, much the same way Tech gets treated, and he's sick of it. Still, I can't help but feel betrayed. NC State is one of my least favorite ACC teams (even though Amato is the reason I feel I can coach wearing skindiving gear) and I have so much respect for Tom O'Brien that this move just feels wrong. Ultimately, I think he's going to turn NC State into a yearly contender for the ACC title, but he's already doing that at BC and could be a local hero. His only problem is that the local NFL franchise is a monster. I'm not just people feel teh same way about the Panthers that they do about the Patriots, so he's probably got an easier job from that perspective. But he's going to be up against some stiff competition from UNC's new coach (Butch Davis) and Wake's Jib Grobe, and I swear, one of these days, Ted Roof is going to get Duke going in the right direction. This is just like when Roy Williams left Kansas (where I had the utmost respect for him) for North Carolina (where I think he's a pompous ass). I hope the same thing doesn't happen to my respect for O'Brien now that he'll be making little puppetshow doggies with his hands and take over Coach Chesty's job.

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