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We had a double-header flag football game yesterday. We won both games, but I'm really sore today. I suffered what I suspect is a hip pointer (among a couple other more minor injuries). I don't know what all these prissy little athletes are complaining about because it really wasn't all that painful until late last night. It certainly didn't impact my playing. I wouldn't want to play again today, but certianly it's not a game-ending injury. I'm dissapointed by the way the college football season has ended, both for my team and for Rutgers. And Michigan is totally getting screwed. But you can't tell Florida they don't get a shot for all the same reasons, so whatever. I guess I don't think the pollsters voted fairly, which is what irks me the most. But it's not like the Rose Bowl should be viewed as any sort of punishment for the Wolverines (same goes for the Sugar, Urban...). Certainly not like the Texas Bowl when you had the Orange Bowl in your grasp (poor Scarlet Knights). The has BCS proven how pointless it is once again. Otherwise things are good. Emily's on travel the remainder of this week and weekend, so I'll be all by my lonesome. But it will be a good opportunity to get some xmas shopping done hopefully. Time to go for a walk around the floor to stretch my sore muscles. I'm apparently getting too old for this sort of athletic activity. *shrug*

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