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When did it become 4:15? I feel like I just got back from lunch... I guess it's a good thing that my day is flying by though. I had a productive weekend that included getting almost all of my xmas shopping done. Yes, I braved both the mall and Fair Lakes and turned left out of my apartment on a Saturday between Thanksgiving and New Year's. And I didn't even cause an accident! Sunday my family went to visit my cousin John at the Naval Academy. We couldn't have asked for a nicer December day, which must have been nice for all the people who were trying to go watch the Redskins get decimated by the Eagles right around the same time. Whoops. But we had a nice (if somewhat brief) visit and I must say that rumors of his gauntness were wildly exaggerated. Then I picked up Emily at the airport Sunday evening and went to bed early, but still couldn't get up when my alarm clock first went off. Oh well. Good weekend. And only 2 weeks until I get to take some vacation. Yay!

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