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It is total bullshit that I have to fill out and sign my timecard before noon today when the time period doesn't end until 12:00:01 AM on 12/25. But because the time people are apparently lazy lazy lazy, I have to guess how many hours and what projects I'm going to work on for the rest of the day and all day tomorrow. Maybe this is easy for people who only have one charge number, but I have at least a dozen I charge to nearly every week. Ridiculous. The best part is going to be when what I just guessed is completely wrong and I just have to resubmit my timecard later anyway, with corrections, and then have it reapproved. Absolutely retarded. "Due to the deadline constraints caused by the Christmas holiday, we are requesting that all electronic timesheets for the week ending COB 12/24/06 be completed and signed by noon Thursday, Dec. 21 and approved by COB Thursday, Dec. 21." It should say "Due to we suck, do this cause we're lazy." I'm so tempted to bill 80 hours directly to overhead and see what happens. I mean, I'm going to have to change it later anyway, right? Grrr...

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