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Rapid Update:
The rest of my holiday was fun. Emily and I had a quiet Christmas Day by ourselves and then had dessert with my parents. We had dinner the following night with family friends who we missed in London, but walked by their flat without realizing it. We went to see West Side Story at the National Theater, which still needed a bit of fine tuning, but I really liked that most of the spoken and sung parts by the Sharks were actually in Spanish. A few of our other theater-goers seemed somewhat less enthusiastic about this change, but I thought it gave the musical a more authentic flavor. The trip to Atlanta was nice, even though Tech got demolished in our bowl game. We got to spend some quality time with Michelle and Brian, and we saw Tim and Margaret and a couple of her friends from Melbourne while we were there. We discovered the glory that is Taco Mac and wish that there was one in the area, preferably next door to a Sonic (if you're interested in opening either franchise, call me, I've got our locations already scouted out). We took in the new World of Coke and the King Tut exhibits and got some Chick-Fil-A and Flying Biscuit action. We stopped by Charlotte on the return journey to see my cousins and get the scopp on their engagement. I made friends with their new baby parrot because I have shiny, dangly things in my ears. We've watched a lot of football, but are now transitioning to basketball season (though thing don't seem to be going so well for Tech this year). Work's been busy and the weather's been crappy. The city has been a mess since we got home in preparation for Obama's coronation. I can't wait for today to be over so hopefully things will start to die down a bit.

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