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Happy Go-To-Hell-Phil Day! Apaprently, a pampered woodland creature was roused at 6 am, grabbed off the ground, saw a ton of moronic people and a beautiful day in the making, and then went back to sleep amidst fireworks, all of which somehow means 6 more weeks of winter. I understand the importance of tradition, but this particular one, as I have lamented every year since I was like 10, is inane.
In other irritating news, the Cardinals got robbed last night. Certainly the Steelers played a better game all around and probably deserved to win. But the non-review on Warner's "fumble" was complete bullshit. On a game-altering play like that, how do you not take a minute to review it? Apart from game-long terrible officiating, I thought it was one of the better games in recent memory.
The house hunting continues, although yesterday I saw a house that I'm very excited about and am trying to set up an appointment with our agent to see it again this week and start putting together an offer on it! Whoo! Moving out from under our monstrous upstairs neighbors could not possibly come soon enough.

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