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HAHAHAHA!! The Irish are so screwed! =) "A Kansas City Star report said that [Notre Dame] had initiated contact with a representative of Kansas coach Mark Mangino, who has a career record of 12-24." Spurrier, Meyer, Petrino, Stoops, Zook, Hawkins, Tedford... All shut down the fabled Irish. And now they're contacting the Lions's coach Steve Mariucci? Even crappy Syracuse held on to Pasqualoni... Notre Dame, what the hell were you thinking? No one wants to coach for you anymore. And all the available coaches are being snapped up by programs with more class and a better shot at a national title. You blew it big time. But seriously, are you so desperate you're after Mangino now? He had one mediocre (better than usual) season at Kansas and the rest have been awful, and you still want him? Hahahaha! Why don't you just take next year off from football to regain your composure. Suckers.

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