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I had a nice weekend otherwise though. Didn't accomplish much that I set out to do this weekend, but whatever. I didn't get a christmas tree (yes, I still pay lip service because I like the festiveness and the presents), I didn't get my tattoo, and I didn't get enough shopping done. I did however watch VT beat Miami to win the ACC, which makes me mildly happy. I still wish it had been UVA instead. I watched a little college basketball, even though I couldn't watch my own game since Cox (a.k.a. Fuckers) doesn't carry Fox Sports Net. I had dinner at Tommy and Steph's on Saturday and watched Monty Python and the Meaning of Life. Sunday I had dinner at uncle Bobby's and watched the second half of the second-worst disaster movie ever The Day After Tomorrow (the worst ever being The Core). Talked to Emily until nearly 2 am again last night. I always love doing that, but now that I have to be at work at 9 am, it's really not such a good idea. Anyway, I had a very lazy weekend, and except for my continued hatred of Cox, and my irritation over the final BCS standings and the ensuing bowl game selections, it was a good weekend.

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