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So there's this new girl who works here. She's probably in her late 20s. Lots of tattoos everywhere, visible through her somewhat questionable selection of work attire, several ear piercings, jet black hair with red highlights. I said hello in the elevator the other day and she ignored me like I was invisible and mute. Well, today I see her pulling into the parking lot in a red Mini Cooper (complete with Union Jack on the roof) that's roughly the same size, shape, and weight as she is, and guess what the license plate says. POSTMOD. My first thought was, naturally, post modification. Because that's simply what mod means to me. Does this mean she had a sex change? She's done getting tattoos and piercings? Her car has a lot of upgrades? Dunno. Then it hit me like a ton of uber-pretentious bricks that it means post modern. Here I was all excited that we'd gotten someone else in the building who appreciated body mods as something more than a way to fit into a egoistic group and might be cool to start inviting to some of our extra-curricular activities. *sigh* Oh well.

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