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This is the earliest I've gotten to work in weeks, and I only had to set my alarm for 6:30 am to do it! Of course, I had to make a detour back to the courthouse to take my oath, which I did around 8:15 am and was the least painful thing ever. Until they tried to get me a reciept for my bond. That took 35 minutes. Have you ever read the magazine Governing? Don't. I thumbed through 3 very boring copies while waiting for some guy to make me a reciept. How hard is that? Name, check number, case number, date, amount. Done. Oh well, at least the "hard part" was easy, and I'm now all certified and approved and whatnot to marry Tommy and Steph in a couple weeks. Unfortuantely, the downside of getting up that early is that, despite going to bed early last night (12), I slept very poorly, as a result I don't feel well at all now, but I've been up so long that I'm starving. But I don't want to eat anything, even though I know it's going to be forever before lunch time. My dad is supposed to meet me between 12 and 12:30, but I don't really expect to see him until 1. Oh well. That and I'm going to need a nap around 2:30. Mmmm, nap....

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