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Emily and I were talking about whatever happened to Ed Nelson the other day. He was a former basketball player at GT who transferred to UConn after his sophomore year, and had to sit out his entire Junior year (where had he stayed at Tech, he would have played against UConn for the National Title, rather than winning while one riding the bench). Anyway, we both assumed that after getting all doughy from bench-warming in a cheap suit his junior year, that he was so out of shape that he didn't play much the next year and then graduated. Well, I was watching 'Nova@UConn today, and it turns out that because he red-shirted as a transfer his junior year, he actually had an extra year of eligibility while he pursues a degree in Criminal Justice. So he still plays baketball at UConn. The last 2 years he's averaged about 3 points and 3 rebounds a game in about 10 minutes of play. Also, he shaved his head bald and grew big bushy sideburns. And he's still quite doughy-looking. Remember how at Tech he was the ACC Rookie of the Year and averaged 8+ points and almost 7 rebounds a game? Sucker. Although, UConn may have a shot at a national title again this year, and he might actually get to play in it if they get that far. So I guess he'll have a shot to get what he wanted by transferring in the first place. Too bad he's just some nobody bench player for the Huskies when he could have stayed at Tech and been a superstar, at least until Jeremis and Ra'Sean showed up. Oh well.

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