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In other weekend news, Emily and I hit up California Tortilla on Friday night for our free chips and queso. I proceeded to spill half my queso on the coffee table, but the rest of it was pretty tasty. That place is great because they make a pretty darn tasty burrito and every time we go in there we get something else for free to keep us coming back. Sunday we went to the Easter service at church. Everyone's parents were shocked to see us as we came of our own volition. We finally met Erin's husband Kenny and saw baby Peyton who was still quite sleepy. After that it was straight home to prepare dinner for Caryn and JWu. Emily made some awesome mac and cheese with fontina and the ham turned out really well too. And just like that, the weekend was over! The rest of my computer stuff should be arriving today, so I've got a project for the week. And I need to do some research into getting a new digital camera. But for now I had better get some actual work done since I'm, you know, at work and all.

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