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We had a good trip to the zoo and saw a number of animals we hadn't seen before. Still no sign of the lemurs though. We're gonna have to go back and break in at 2 am with glow sticks to find their rave party or something. Most of the bears weren't out, and there was no sign of the otters and beavers, but almost all the other animals were active. We saw the baby panda, who's still pretty small. He was asleep in the rock alcove, but he was pretty cute. We also found the elusive chinchilla finally. We think he might be a pink white or a very light tan, but since we could only see 2 square inches of his fur, it's hard to tell. We also realized that probably no one plays with him very much and we couldn't tell whether ther ewas more than one or not. And that'd be really sad if he had no social interaction since they are extremely social creatures by nature. We also finally saw the degus, who are way cuter in person than the various pictures I've seen. Tommy got attacked by a butterfly who refused to leave his hat unless it was for his shirt. Since it was a nice day, there were a ton of people at the zoo, but we found that if we stayed off the main path, it actually wasn't too bad. We did decide that in order to enter the zoo you should have to walk through a glass enclosure. This enclosure would be constantly bombarded by high pitched screams and pounded on by an animatronic creature 50 times your size. Hopefully this would give little kids an idea of what its like for the animals when they run around screaming as loud as they can about something. I know they're just excited, and it's great to see little kids excited to learn about different animals, but they need to learn that excitement need not be expressed as a function of vocal volume or frequency of glass-smacking. Anyway... I think I got some good pictures, so I'll try and post them in the next couple days.

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