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After a stressful week, I had a pretty relaxing weekend. I was in bed until nearly 1 on Saturday. I just couldn't keep my eyes open in the morning, so I stopped trying to fight it. But I did eventually get up and attend to my various chores and errands. Paid my bills and rent, sent the IRS a check because I subtracted the wrong number (hey, I've never owed money before, I don't think that was really my fault). Cleaned up my bedroom and in the chinny area (formerly the dining room). Cut my hair, shaved, took out the trash. Played some more Trackmania Nations (that gave is powerfully addictive). It would be way more fun with a wheel and paddles and with a better gaming rig, but for the most part, it runs smoothly on my current box. But I'm (very) slowly moving up the rankings. Sunday night I cracked the top 4000 in the US! Emily came over to watch the Mason game. I didn't hold out much hope for the Patriots having watched the way Florida's been playing, but they hung in there for the first half. Florida's shotblocking just overpowered them inside and they couldn't buy a three-point bucket, so they were basically doomed from the start. After UF hit all those 3's to start the 2nd, it was all but a foregone conclusion that the Gators were moving on. I just hoped it would be against UCLA and not LSU. An all-SEC championship game? Who wants to see that? Sure, it would have been a good game. LSU has a crazy-good frontcourt, but UCLA wiped the floor with them. We didn't see the game though. I promised Emily I'd take her to the Melting Pot to celebrate getting a job up here, so we finally got around to that on Saturday night. It's an expensive night out, even without wine, but it's so much food. Too much food really if you do the whole 4 course deal. But we'd never been before, so we figured we'd give it a shot. Next time we go, the cheese course and dessert will be plenty of food. 2 straight hours of eating later, we crawled into bed and proceeded to sleep until 11/12 (damn you time change...) before eating a meager breakfast and running some errands. All in all a good weekend. Now it's back to the grind. Today is Sonja's birthday too, so we're going to give her some special treats tonight or something (not that she needs any more treats, but it's her birthday). Maybe now that she's 2, she'll stop crying like a little baby when I try to groom her. I doubt it, but there's always hope.

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