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There was some damned good basketball on last night. Sure, Memphis crushed Bradley, but I didn't get to see the game, so who cares. Duke lost. *does a victory dance* Yeah yeah yeah, so I had them picked to win it all. See, if I pick the team I hate the most to win it all, they I win either way. They lose, I'm happy. They win it all, I'm happy I was right. Plus, I really thought Duke was going to bounce back from their month-long slump at some point. Their victory over GW last week seemed to be teh beginning, but as it turned out if was just teh beginning of teh end. JJ has been obliterating his potential draft status with each shoddy performance, while Sheldon has just been getting better and better. Also, who's the inside man next year? Josh McRoberts is a beast. Even when Duke loses 2 All-Americans, they're still going to be a strong team... Bastards. In other important news, the two late games were well worth staying up for. WVU vs. Texas. Down 3 with second remaining, WVU ball. Pittsnoggle for 3! It's good! Tie game! Everyone in the crowd is on their feet cheering. We're going to overtime! But wait!! 5 seconds still on the clock... Texas inbounds immediately, catches WVU offguard, drives the floor, dishes it to the wing. 0.8 seconds. Paulino fires a 3. *bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt* *swish* Time expires, Texas hits a 3 at the buzzer, Longhorns win!! Holy crap... And then, after all that, there's still the Zags and Bruins. UCLA had been down something like 17, and pulled back to within 7 points with a couple minutes go. Gonzaga just collapses. UCLA comes up with a few huge defensive stops, a couple forced turnovers from full-court pressure, a steal off an in-bound, and some lucky shots. Adam Morrison looks like he is about to burst into tears. Suddenly, UCLA is up 1 with fractions of a second on the clock. Zags, who haven't scored in 3:30 minutes are forced to foul. Afflalo misses the first but makes the second, giving Gonzaga a chance to win with a desperation 3 that doesn't go. Bruins win, Zags remain most overrated tournament team ever. Morrison crumples into crying heap at center court. Not since the last GT game have I watched such a complete and utter end-game collapse. UCLA deserved that game the way they finished it. Here's hoping tonight's games are even half as exciting.

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