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Not too much going on I suppose. Emily's job is going well. Her parents arrive tonight with a truckload of furniture for her apartment, so no doubt it will be a busy weekend. The weather has gotten amazingly nice for a couple days. I believe it's pushing 80 outside right now, but it's so windy that it doesn't wuite feel that way. No doubt it will be in the 40s again next week, so we'll just enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. There's been some good basketball on recently. Lots of close games and near-upsets to go along with the usual miracle upsets. It's going to be a good NCAA tournament this year. Tech lost to Maryland yesterday (while I was at Lockheed), obliterating any hope of a NCAA bid (we would have to have won the ACC tournament to get an auto-bid). But I see a promising young team,a nd I think we'll be a tough team to beat next year. For now, I'm going to enjoy the upcoming March Madness. This time of year I always get itchy to go play ball myself. I wish I had a basketball still, and a hoop to shoot at. Oh well. It's been probably 10 years since I've even dribbled a ball, so who knows what kind of ugly shot I might still have left. Maybe Emily's got a hoop at her apartment...

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