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Tom Davis came by the office today. Apparently, half the office thought this was some huge deal. I've met the guy before, he's very nice, but I have work to do and don't need to be spending 45 minutes in some hand-shaking event with a Congressman. Also, if you're going to invite someone "important" to come by the office, shouldn't you choose a day when it's not in complete disarray from construction and powerwashing the entrance? Seems like a no-brainer to me, but then again, there's got to be a reason I'm not in charge of public relations things like this (apart from being extremely introverted). I'm not really sure what he was here for, just sort of a meet-and-greet deal, and I think he wanted to see some of what we're working on. We don't have an operational lab at the moment because of moving lab space around, so I dunno what he actually got a tour of. *shrug* At least half of our software didn't get deleted by a McAfee update, like another company I know... Suckers. We don't let other software destroy our work, we just do it ourselves. "cd /; rm -rf *" Whoops. Silly Dave...

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