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Naturally, it got worse. I almost got in another accident on the way home. And I got two letters from the IRS saying that I did my taxes wrong and I owe them money rather than the other way around. It's possible, but I usually double check my math pretty carefully. And then to top it all off, my check engine light came on again, with the exact same DTC as last time. My car was in the shop 2 days last week to get it fixed, and they didn't fix crap. I was all ready to throw a fit, but the way the rest of the day went, by that point I really just didn't care anymore. Tomorrow I'll try to work up the energy to make an irate phone call to the store manager. Should be fun... On the plus side, I got a nice postcard from my dad from Brussels, and my working out is actually progressing. Hopefully tomorrow will go smoother or I might just come home and crawl back into bed until next week.

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