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Missive on the subject of apartment hunting: It powerful sucks. As I might have mentioned, my rent has been on the pricier side, but I like my apartment and the location. However, with my lease expiring July 20, my renewal rates have gotten to be quite exorbitant. On the order of an increase of $120/month if I sign another 12 month lease. I had not planned on doing that, I had planned on signing a lease so that both mine and Emily's expired at the same time in March, which tacks on an additional $50/month. This is somewhat akin to highway robbery I feel. Also, I'm rather irked at my apartment complex. I asked them for my renewal rates on 5/2, knowing that they require 60 days notice if you intend to vacate and thinking that my lease ran through July 31. I heard nothing for 5 days, then inquired again, and was told letters would be out next week. I got said letter on 5/11 indicating the new rates and that my lease expired on 7/20. Super. That means I have until the office closes on 5/21 to decide go or stay. 10 days. How in the hell can they ask me to give them 60 days notice when they give me only 10 days to make a decision? Bull crap. Anyway, knowing in impending increase in financial burden my rent will cause and being irate at my leasing office, I've gone in search of shelter elsewhere. Much to my dismay however, there are not as a lot of options. Or rather, not a lot of options I can afford. For me to actually move, my new apartment has to be of similar size and quality, but but cheaper, or of similar cost, but much nicer and bigger. This has so far not occured. I have a couple more places to look, but it's looking more an dmore likely that I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Rent has increased so much across the board that I don't know how people are going to afford it in another year or two. And it's not like I can say, oh, well, my rent is almost as much as a mortgage payment now, so I'll just buy a house. Ha! My rent is like half of what a mortgage payment would be on a decent condo if I bought today. *Sigh* We'll see what the next 48 hours brings, but it looks like I'm probably staying put until March.

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