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I started working here 2 years ago today. Actually, it was July 26th. But it was also a Monday, so I'm claming today as my two year anniversary. In general, I would say I still like my job, which I suppose it a pretty good sign after two years. There's always something new going on, so even though there are tedious moments, on the whole, my job is pretty interesting. I can't beleive I wore a shirt and tie. Hahaha! Man, I'm glad everyone told me to never do that again. Most days it's khakis and a polo, but sometimes I'm lazy, or it's hot, or, you know, Thursday. Certainly no one would bat an eye if I started wearing jeans everyday (like Dave) as long as they were clean and I still had a work-approriate shirt. Since it's been two years, I feel I've earned the right to be a little less well-kempt around the office. Not that I'm goign to devolve into a slob, but if my shirt happens to come untucked during the day, that's probably how it's going to stay. And if I get tired of de-scuffing my loafers, I'm going to just wear my pair of New Balance instead. Yay! Anyway, when I started, my team consisted of roughly 10 people. Today it's 5. Basically, George handles all the hardware wiring diagrams, Jenny does the Java code, Dave does the C code, and Beth handles the money. That means I do pretty much everything else in between. I guess it's good that my job is so diverse right now, because it's allowing me to pick and choose down the road which things I've been exposed to that I'm really interested in pursuing further, but all within one team, rather than trying a little bit of this and that on several different projects. Anyway, short story long, things are going well at the office. One more year and I'm 100% vested in my company-matched 401k funds! I've gotten good raises the past two years, and I'm up for a promotion (a "long overdue" one at that - yet it still seems to be taking forever to actually get it finalized). At any rate, I'd better get back to the thing I've been talking about so I can keep being a model employee. So far so good. This whole "adult" thing really isn't as terrible as everyone has made it seem.

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