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It's been a busy weekend! I got a call last week from Mr. Webb with some exciting news. He and Shannon are having twin boys, due around December 1st! They're also moving into their own place in Alexandria at the end of August, but for now they're in (relatively) nearby Springfield, so we went to go visit and hang out. Everyone seems convinced that "uncles" Adam and Tommy and going to completely corrupt the children. I suppose this depends on your definition of corrupt... Just cause I think they should be able to quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail by the time they start kindergarten and be familiar with Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Metallica's entire catalogs before they're allowed their first Raffi tape, not to mention that I'm going to try my hardest to make sure their first words are "in your face space coyote", you want to say I'm corrupting them... Hog wash!
In other news, Ben purchased the 96 Accord stick shift that we looked at a while back. I had to drive it home for him though. And he still seems really reluctant to drive it. I know that my parents need a second car (when they come back in the next month), so buying this one should have been done anyway. But it doesn't seem to have helped Ben all that much, so I'm still his main source of transportation, which always seems to be someplace far away and which eats up 2.5+ hours of my life and a chunk of my gas tank every time he needs a ride. I'm such a good big brother.
I had more I wanted to say when I opened this post at 9:15 this morning, but now that I'm finally getting around to finishing it at 2:45 pm, I've totally forgotten what else was going on that I wanted to talk about. Oh well. Maybe I'll remember again 5.5 hours from now.

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