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Before my exam, I went to Engineer's Bookstore to relieve myself of several hundred pages of textbooks. I got $61.00 for 3 books, so let's call it $20 a book. It's a huge racket really. They'll turn around and sell each of those books used for $35-40 and make a killing. Fortunately, I bought them all used online in the first place, so it's not a huge loss in my finances either. I think I spent about $200 on books for this semester and I've already picked up about a 1/3 of that. I still have 5 books to dispose of later this week, but I don't expect to get more than $30-$40 for all of them, so if I hit the halfway point, I figure it's been a good semester. I already have one book they wouldn't take back (which, ironically, is the only brand new book I bought online) because there's a new edition coming out. Grr... I just can't justify selling a $40 textbook for $2. $5 would at least buy me lunch at Taco Bell. Anyway, one more casualty to donate to Books for Africa. At least I feel like it's going to good use that way.

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