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Happy Administrative Professional's Day to those in that field! Rest assured that business would grind to a halt without you.

In other news, my birthday was a complete success yesterday. I took the whole day off. Emily prepared a super yummy dinner. My new computer is probably 95% functional for what I will use it for on a daily basis. There's still a few things that need to be installed and configured properly, but it's coming all well. I spent most of the day playing Oblivion and am thoroughly enthralled. I especially love that you can pretty much choose to do or not do pretty much whatever you feel like. After the emporer dies and gives you the Amulet of Kings, you're supposed to take it to some friar in a different town. But you could take it to a local merchant and pawn it instead. Or I just completed a quest where two warring people asked me to acquire an artifact and give it to them instead of the other one. So I found the thing, gave it to one guy, got his letter of reccomendation, then stole it while he was sleeping and gave it to the other party and got a reward. Awesome. I'm not so good at sword fighting yet, but my magic abilities and ranged attacks are progressing pretty nicely. Anyway, back to the real world and work. There will be plenty of imaginary time later on.

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