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Emily threw me a nice birthday party yesterday. It was not as well-attended as I had hoped, but there were enough people to qualify as a party and we put a good dent in the lasagna, salad, and cake. Everyone ridiculed the crown Emily got me. Frankly, I think they're just jealous they didn't all get party hats to wear too. Especially Dave. I'll post a picture later so you can see all the fun you missed out on. Emily made me an awesome Professor Frink cake (picture also pending) with neon frosting. It was all chocolate cake with chocolate frosting as a base too. She definitely knows how I like my cakes. ;) The girls were well-behaved in my bedroom all afternoon, and were eager to come see what the commotion was all about after everyone left and inspect their play area to make sure everything was still in order. I'm still seriously considering taking tomorrow off. This morning I just wanted to turn off the alarm clock and sleep a couple more hours, so maybe I should just plan on doing exactly that tomorrow morning. We'll see. I haven't played Civ 3 in a while, and that's a good day-wasting activity. Or there's X-Men Legends II which I haven't even started yet (I bought it after I got fed up with X-Men Legends in the ship level where you have to rescue the Navy guys - I always get lost and all turned around the dumb Navy guys walk into harm's way). Now that I have a running new computer (perhaps pictures of that to come as well), I kind of want to pick up Oblivion and really see what it can do. Perhaps a trip to Best Buy is in order tonight to spend my hard-earned (hey, staying alive 25 years is hard work!) birthday gift card...

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