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I saw the saddest thing at Best Buy tonight. I was flipping through the various over-priced CDs when I walked past the Nirvana section. And there it was. Just like the copy I have. A nice black and whte copy of good ol' Bleach. You know, the record when Nirvana was basically still a punk band? But wait, what's this giant sticker on the cover obscuring half the band? Yes my friends, it's one of your everyday stickers telling idiots who don't know crap about music why they should buy an album. Why? Perhaps not everyone knows that, and I quote, THIS IS NIRVANA'S FIRST ALBUM. Okay. Here's the thing. 15 years ago, Smells Like Teen Spirit was just starting to hit the airwaves. 15!!! No, seriously, I'm that old now that I can say these sorts of things. No one who has ever heard of Nirvana before should need to be told which album was their first. I'm going to go out on a limb and say, if you're in Best Buy, you've heard of Nirvana. And if are either 3 years old or just emerged from cryogenic freezing capsule, how is knowning that an album is some band you've never heard of's first record going to make you want to buy it? The mass media retardification of america makes me so irritated some times...

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