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I need to take Tuesdays off more often. I suppose Wednesdays would work too. Today feels like Monday to me, but tomorrow is already Thursday! Rock on! In fact, and I'm just going to throw this out there, I'd be willing to work 2 10-hour days, take a day off, do 2 more 10-hour days, and then have a 2-day weekend. That seems like a flagrant abuse of flex, but I suppose if I got approval from the necessary parties, it would be feasible. And it's not like I'm taking a 3-day weekend every week, or trying to cram 80 hours into week 1, take 2 weeks off, and then cram 80 hours into week 4. Oh well. For now, I'll just enjoy only having 2 work-days left this week and celebrate by playing poker tonight, then perhaps more Oblivion. This game is going to devour my life, I'm quite sure of it.

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