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Emily and had a lazy Saturday watching the NFL draft (and me playing more Oblivion, naturally). Matt Leinart looking like he wanted to cry when he slipped all the way to the 10th pick and then pretending to be so happy about being a Cardinal cracked me up. Nothing else really to note, except that Ed Nelson didn't get drafted, and PJ Daniels and Dawan Landry both got picked up by Baltimore. If they ever get any playing time, I might have to start watching the Ravens. That's not too likely though, since I generally hate the NFL. Sunday we went up to Hershey again. Mmmm... It took longer than I remember, but it's still not a bad drive. And it's an easy day trip if you're not going to do the amusement park. We did Chocolate World again and bought up a sufficient horde of deeply discounted Cadbury eggs as well an assortment of other hard to find candy. We were distraught however to discover they had discontinued our raspberry hot chocolate mix. *sigh* We also walked around the Hershey Gardens and got a "sneak preview" of the giant bug exhibit that opened today (featuring hand-crafted gigantic wooden bugs). I've got a tone of pictures (and a couple videos) that I took with my new birthday present (a Canon Powershot A540 - thanks baby!!), so I'll try to post a few of the better ones soon. That thing takes some amazing photos. I have one of a tulip that I think is professional level were it not for the fly on a petal that I didn't notice when I hit the shutter. Oh well. Being out and about all day yesterday makes getting up and going to work the next day pretty difficult. At least I only have to make it two weeks before I have another day off and then another 2 weeks after that. Yay!

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