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So there's going to be an official update to Monopoly, and if you got to their website, you can vote for what you want the new properties to be. Unfortunately, people are idiots, so the new game will suck. Most of the options are landmarks or ballparks and very few actual streets/neighborhoods. This is fine I suppose, but you can no longer build a house anywhere really. A hotel perhaps. It will require a substantial change in the nomenclature of the game, and depending on how things are set up, your color-coded monopolies may make no sense at all. They are changing the railroads to airports and using JFK, ATL, LAX, and ORD. One of the landmarks is the Hoover Dam. This should be the Water Works utility, no question about it, no voting, no anything else. Also, I find it fascinating that you based on users' votes, you will probably be able to buy the White House, and Disney World will probably be the new Boardwalk. Unless you (yes, you!) act now to vote and have no likely very little impact on the eventual outcome! Hurry! Regardless, it's a new Monopoly game, and official sanctioned no less, so I will undoubtedly have to acquire it.

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