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This just in, Nintendo blew it. It's no secret how many hours of my life Nintendo has claimed nor how much I defend them. Despite their decision to not allow the Gamecube to play regular DVDs (unlike the PS2 and XboX) in order to price their console below the competition, I still stood by them. I even like the Revolution's idea, I jsut don't want to be forced into using it. Nintendo is all about ideas, always have been. They offer more unique games and styles of gameplay than anyone else. Period. But when you're already alienated almost your entire fanbase and have made it nearly impossible for anyone who doesn't already own a Nintendo to want to buy your next generation console, what are you thinking? Maybe this thing is going to be huge in Japan, but I just can't see it selling well here in the states. Wii. Really? That's the best you could come up with? *shakes head in disgust*

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