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I got myself a snazzy new watch yesterday. I'd been looking around for a while ever since my last watch broke. I tried going back to carrying a pocketwatch, but without beign able to wear jeans every day and without my wallet chain, it just wasn't practical. So I was looking at Seiko, Citizen, Bulova, and Fossil. The problem is that I have very tiny girlish wrists, so ordinary men's watch are just way too big. But I found some good midsize watches on ebay and wanted to go check them out in the store to see if they dwarfed my wrist or not. After a fruitless search and some very bad customer service at Macy's on Saturday, I gave up, though one watch at the Fossil store had caught my eye and I saw a couple at Macy's I wanted to look at, but was discriminated against for not being old, Indian, or black. In any case, I went back yesterday, and was again persecuted for being under 40, but eventually managed to get someone to open the display case, at which I point I found the exact watch I wanted, had two links removed, and purchased it. It's a Citizen with a day/date display and an otherwise plain black face with no numerals. When the light catches it just right, it almost looks grooved like the face of a record. And unlike the titanium-banded Seiko I really really liked, my watch didn't cost $375. I'm excited.

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