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Thursday evening, after dinner at Angies, Ben found himself a room in a townhouse in Burke for the next 6 months. He's got 2 roommates and his bed is being delivered today, so everything seems to have fallen into place pretty quickly on that front. Now we'll just cross our fingers that getting a job is so painless.
Friday night Emily and I went to the Fairfax Fair. She spun a wheel and got a $20 gift certificate and a free dessert coupon to Mike's in Springfield, so we'll have to go check it out. We saw Getaway Car play, who I swear I've seen before, but can't think of where. Regardless, they were pretty good. Then after a brief rain shower, Collective Soul played a 45 minute set. They're quite the live act. I haven't heard anything of theirs since their self titled record came out like 10 years ago, but I knew like half the songs in their set, so that was pretty cool.
Yesterday we helped ben move a few of his things into his place and had dinner before Ben and I went to see Xmen. I enjoyed the movie, but it left me feeling comflicted. I mean, having read so many of the comics, I have certain expectations for back-stories and characters that aren't always fulfilled in the translation to real-life actors. I won't (excessively) bore anyone with the details, except to say this: 1) I understand that the origin of the Phoenix Force too long to go into as a subplot, but as one of my favorite storylines, I didn't like the (otherwise perfectly reasonable) explanation in the movie. 2) I want them to make another one, and I want it to be about Apocalypse, since his motivations are less transparent and greed-motivated than Magneto's. 3) Wolverine isn't supposed to be the school-saving hero, but I'm willing to ignore that fact if a subsequent movie explains more of his origin via Alpha Flight. I'm cutting myself off there or else I'll go on and on forever. Just remember nothing in the Marvel universe is ever permanent.
The weather this weekend has been awesome. So after droppign my mom at teh airport this morning, I've decided to go put my car on jack stands and see what's going on with all the squealing under the chassis. It's more than likely my brakes and probably at least partially the power steering. Two things I don't really want to have to pay to fixed, but are kind of important to the vehicle's operation. Well, the brakes at least. Time to go get dirty.

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