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I think I'm most of the way over being sick now. My head is still a little stuffy, but the decongestant seems to be doing its job, by which I mean that I'm am constantly dehydrated no matter how much water I drink. Oh well. For only being effectively a 3-day work week for me, this has felt like one of the longest weeks in the history of all time. I know I have no business saying that given that it was a 4 day week to begin with and I took a sick day to make it a 3 day week. But I never said I felt that way justifiably, only that I did. Whatever. It's Friday and I don't have much going on this weekend yet, so hopefully I'll be fully recovered from my drug-induced state (which consists of hyper-irritable-sleepy-restless) and back to my normal irritable, restless, lazy self.

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