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Done and done. I'm staying at Jefferson, but I'm not getting my deposit back from Camden (there is only a 24 hour window). That kinda sucks, but it's still cheaper than moving. My waived amenity fee basically offsets my lost deposit, and in the end, even though I'm out $325 up front, I'm still saving money over my original lease terms or moving, so I guess I'm happy. My many many belongings have been granted a stay of execution! Now I have until March 2007 to cull my possessions and dispose of things I don't need anymore to make the process a little simpler (and less painful) down the road. Oh well. At least my living arrangements are settled for the next 10 months - one less cause of stress for a while. I should mention that I woke up several times on Sunday morning from dreams of apartments and floor plans. Yikes.

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